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Having Respect for the Project Team


Inherent Tensions
You deal with a lot of people and personalities in Project Management. And, you are often asking a lot from the people on your project. It is even more of a challenge if you have a group not used to project management. The result is a natural amount of friction and passive aggressiveness that can get out of hand if not dealt with early.

Understand the Team
At the beginning of a project, my first priority is understanding everyone on the team and their skills and experience.  I approach this with a genuine respect for the work they do and the experience they have. 

Mutual Respect
I have learned that respect is not a document you hand out or a box of donuts (though it helps). It is the attitude you have towards those on your team. It is a frame of mind that you have when talking to someone. So, start off on the right foot by nurturing mutual respect and the possibilities of what your team can accomplish will be endless.

Originally Published in 2009 and underwent a moderate update

The Right Level of Detail in Project Management

phoneboothjapan150The level of detail that a project manager should be involved in a project should not be static. As the project progresses the amount of oversight needed fluctuates and the project manager needs to adapt if they want to make best use of the resources available. For a project manager who does manage at one detail level you have two extremes. Continue reading