Common Project Framework

Projects come in all shapes and sizes so finding a common framework requires looking at projects at a high level. Below is a diagram (based off of pmbok) that I believe best encompasses a common framework for all project types. common project famework lifecyle Based on the diagram above I created a life cycle and responsibility chart. From here you can drill in further to see the common outputs of each phase of the project.
Life Cycle Project Manager Project Team Sponsor/Customer
Starting (Why and What) * Develop Project Charter * Provides input to the product, service, or result needed to satisfy the business requirements * Provides the business requirements and project justifications
Preparing (How) * Develop Project Management Plan and Approach * Provides input on the work that needs to be done in order to meet the business requirements * Agrees to the rules and framework of the project * Provides the boundaries and methods of acceptance for the work * Agrees to the rules and framework of the project
Performing * Direct and manage to Plan * Performs the work per agreed upon development frameworks (agile, waterfall, spiral, rup, etc) * Monitors performance * Authorizes changes * Accepts deliverables
Closing * Archive project documents * Develop final performance report and Lessons Learned * Release resources * Provides input to Lessons Learned * Transition off project * Accepts closure of project * Final review of project performance