This page provides a list of free templates used in a project life cycle. The templates can be used and changed as needed and without any credit to this site.

  • The fields in the templates are suggestions. You should only use the ones that provide value to your process and you will be adding fields not on the template to meet organizational needs.
  • It is not uncommon to have to project tiers which have different form requirements. One for small projects and another for large ones.
  • I group similar documents for the sake of simplicity. This is to help you get started and not something where you can do a straight cut and paste as your PMO templates.
  • I break the responsibility, for creating the form, into four categories: PMO, Business Owner, Project Manager, and Project Team.
  • The Phase is based off the Common Project Framework found in this site.

Project Proposal
Description: Making the case on why you should spend resources on this proposed project. A one page form to give a weighted score and identify the size, risk, and cost of the project. This also helps you tier the project so you know what type of process and due diligence is needed. Or you might find it is not a project at all and falls under support.
Responsible: Business Owner (a Subject Matter Expert or Product Manager)

Project Charter
Description: Authorizes resources for the Project as defined in the Charter and in the specified time frame. The Charter also provides documentation on the analysis done to ensure the soundness of the project. The fields you need highly depends on your processes and organization.
Responsible: Business Owner (either a Product Manager or Project Manager on behalf of the business)

Project Management Plan
Description: Your Project Management Plan is a collection of plans that define how you will direct and mange your project or program. An easy way to think of this is your rule book and framework on how the project team will execute the project. It sets the standards and baselines for everyone in the project team to follow. For this Template I will list the most common sections  you will see in a Project Mgmt Plan.
Responsible: Project Manager or Program Manager with consultation from the Stakeholders and Project Team

Templates Coming Soon

Project Risk Form

Project Issue Form

Project Change Request Form

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (or RACI)

Implementation Plan

Lessons Learned Form

Closing Summary and Hand Off