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PMO Forms Guide – Project Management Plan


Common Names
Project Management Plan, Project Plan, Project Mgmt Plan, Project Management Planning

Your Project Management Plan is a collection of plans that define how you will direct and mange your project or program. An easy way to think of this is your rule book and framework on how the project team will execute the project. It sets the standards and baselines for everyone in the project team to follow. For this Template I will list the most common sections  you will see in a Project Mgmt Plan.

Note: There is a huge degree of variation in project management plans and it could be one standard document plus additional plans specific to your project. This is just an example to understand the value of having one as my own plans vary from one project to another.

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PMO Forms Guide – Project Proposal

Leaf in WaterNames Used
Project Proposal, Project Request, Business Case, Project Idea, Idea Request, Pipeline Request

Making the case on why you should do this. A one page form to give a weighted score and identify the size, risk, and cost of the project. This also helps you tier the project so you know what type of process and due diligence is needed. Or you might find it is not a project at all and falls under support. Once this proposal is submitted, it will go into a pipeline of project proposals and scored against other proposals.

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PMO Forms Guide – Project Charter


Names Used
Project Charter, Charter, Statement of Work, SOW, Business Case

Authorizes resources for the Project as defined in the Charter and in the specified time frame. The Charter also provides documentation on the analysis done to ensure the soundness of the project. The fields you need highly depends on your processes and organization. Some of these fields can also be pulled from your initial Project Proposal or Business Case.

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